Friday, August 14, 2015

ZOPO Speed 7 vs OnePlus 2, How much do you get while saving more than $100?

What does the ZOPO Speed 7 and the OnePlus 2 have in common? For starters, both devices are flagship products for their respective companies, and have their headquarters in the tech-centric city of Shenzhen, China. Both also pride themselves for their extremely competitive market approach, bringing the best specs for the best price. 

Here at ZOPO we believe to have reached a quasi perfect balance between price and power, hitting that holy sweet spot where a premium device presents itself at low price. In other words, the dream!

Side by side 

Let us begin with a clear spec rundown between the ZOPO Speed 7 and the OnePlus 2 16GB version: 

Ease of use 

We will leave design appreciations out of the equation. Beauty is subjective, and in this case we have two elegant, yet imposing, devices. None will go unnoticed when casually resting on top of a table outside while you're enjoying your coffee. However, at only 150gm and 8.65mm, the Speed 7 is lighter and thinner, and will definitely prove itself to be more comfortable to carry in your pocket or purse. 

Under the hood 

With 3GB of RAM and the 64-bit Octa-core CPU, the Speed 7 will easily run virtually any application or game available on the market today. Speaking of which, you will need all the storage space you can get to keep all your music, movies, apps, games and personal files you own. The basic 16GB available are not enough? No problem. Just pop that microSD card you almost forgot you had laying around your desk, and you're all set for up to an extra 64GB of free space. That’s something you won't be able to do with the OnePlus 2, since the machine does not have a microSD slot. At ZOPO, we're all about giving options and freedom to our users...but we will come back to that later. 

  ▲Speed 7 plus screenshots 

What you really really want 

So, we have storage and processing power covered. What else do people use their smartphones for? Oh right, food pics and selfies! 
The ZOPO Speed 7 has your back in that regard as well, with a crystal clear 13.2MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera that will really make your eyes sparkle. To be fair, you can take some very decent photos with the OnePlus 2 as well, but thanks to the extra storage capacity on the Speed 7, you'll be able to take many decent photos, not just “some”... 

What good would pictures be without something to display them. The ZOPO Speed 7 has a big 5 inch Full HD 1080p display (5.5” for the Speed 7 Plus model) that gives you the best colors at the best resolution. For the size of the device, it's perfect. 

The battery is a powerful 2500mAh (or 3000mAh for the Speed 7 Plus model, which we highly recommend), and will certainly get you through a full day of use. 

Price, Total Freedom, Open Source Code 

Now we really get to some of the main differentiators and major selling points of the ZOPO Speed 7. All tech enthusiasts, programmers and anyone that appreciates total freedom of use with their devices will be pleased to know that we'll be making the Speed 7 and Speed 7 Plus source code available for free to the community. What this means is that you will be able to totally customize the base programming of the phone, or if you're not particularly skilled at that, you can just wait for others to do it for you and then choose the best mods released and use them yourself. It's all about options, freedom, and being able to have a truly unique piece of tech in your hands that fundamentally reflects who you are. 

Finally, the price. At ZOPO, we believe that quality can be available for everyone, at the best price possible. Being expensive does not necessarily means the quality is there, and being less expensive definitely does not have to mean the opposite. The ZOPO Speed 7 is priced at $199.99, and there's still the chance you might get a $40 discount on top of that. Sure, the OnePlus 2 has a very competitive price tag for its specs, but we at ZOPO go even further with the Speed 7, and offer a genuine premium device at an unbeatable price. Best bang for your buck, as they say. 

Bottom line is, with the ZOPO Speed 7 you get premium specs, in a top-of-the-line device, coding freedom for the source code, and an unbelievable great price! 
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