Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Speed 7 Plus Source Code Released

Shenzhen, China - October 17th – Continuing a trend started with other devices before, ZOPO just released the source code for its flagship Speed series devices – the Speed 7, Speed 7 Plus and Speed 7 GP.
The source code has been released and is totally open to use and develop by anyone in the community. What this means is that all programmers and tech enthusiasts will be able to fully customize the ROM of the device, changing it, tinkering with it, modding...anyway, skills and imagination set the limits.
The reason why ZOPO presents its user base with this option, is simply because we want to enable the full potential of our devices and give the possibility to truly improve the user experience with ZOPO.
To learn more about how to tap into the potential of your device using the source code, please follow the link to ZOPO's official forum thread. And to learn on how to flash you phone, follow this guide.

(Download link: Speed 7 Plus Source Code Released)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

ZOPO Invitation for GITEX 2015 in Dubai

Shenzhen, China – October 17th – As previously announced, ZOPO will be present at the 35th GITEX Technology Week from the 18th until the 22nd of October, 2015. The event is held at the Dubai World Trade Center. This edition of GITEX focus on the Internet of Everything (IoE), and ZOPO, as a prime smartphone maker, finds it imperative to be present. Smartphones and mobile devices in general will be the physical support for the interfaces of the future, that will allow users to interact and monitor all activity within their interconnected devices and things. During GITEX, ZOPO will be showcasing a vast array of models, including its wearable Z-Watch and its flagship phones Speed 7 and Speed 7 Plus.
ZOPO cordially invites and welcomes everyone attending GITEX 2015 to visit booth B8-31 in Hall 8, have a look at ZOPO's products and be greeted by ZOPO's courteous staff.

About ZOPO Mobile:
ZOPO Mobile, established in 2008, is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of mobile intelligent terminal devices, with clients spread across 135 countries. Two-time MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo is ZOPO's brand ambassador in its marketing efforts worldwide.
(Download link: ZOPO Invitation for GITEX 2015 in Dubai)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

HOMTOM HT6 come for long cooperation time and outstanding battery life

As previously explained in our press release, the most outstanding feature of the HOMTOM HT6-Pandawill – is its powerful 6250mAh battery which can last for up to 7 days. Let’s see what other great features the HT6 has. 

The Powerful Battery and OTG Protocol Capability:
The HT6 has an outstanding battery life. It carries a powerful 6250mAh battery which can last for up to 7 days based on average use, or 3 days of heavy use, with up to 72 hours of talking time. Even when the battery is at only 5%, the HT6 can standby for another 65 hours. It is the perfect choice for business trips, long-term travel, outdoor adventures, and anytime you need extended phone use. Utilizing the advanced “PumpExpress” technology results in safe, fast charging, with less heat buildup, meaning the phone stays cooler and charges to 75% within just 30 minutes. 
Moreover, the HT6 supports the latest OTG output functions for data transfer as well as charging other mobile devices. Using the OTG protocol, 2 way data transmission can be achieved between different devices. 

The Artful Design:
The HT6 has an ultra-slim, ergonomically designed body, is only 9.9mm thick and the smooth rounded edges are comfortable in the hand. The narrow frame around the screen creates perfect proportions. 

The Cameras
The HT6 features a powerful Sony 13 MP rear camera that delivers fantastic photos. It will capture all the wonderful moments of your life anytime, anywhere. The HT6 also features a 5 MP front camera with multiple modes for easy customization effects, which can intelligently brighten eyes, whiten teeth, smooth skin, and so much more. Selfies have never been as good as this. 

The Screen: 
The HT6 has a 5.5” HD display with 1280*720 IPS resolution. The vivid colors and sharp brightness delivers a stunning visual experience. The HT6 uses a high contrast ratio for brighter colors and better definition. Also, the HT6 uses a newly upgraded sun screen, so that even while in direct sunlight, the screen is still visible. Moreover, the HT6 uses the latest generation Corning Glass Screen. The stunning screen feels smooth and precise and is scratch proof, super durable and wear resistant. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Smartisan Nuts U1 Smartphone, Not Only Looks Beautiful!

  Smartisan Technology Co., Ltd. (Smartisan Technology) is a company that creates mobile devices. The English name "Smartisan" is a portmanteau of "smart" and "artisan," signifying "artisanship in the smartphone era." For the T1 smartphone, Smartisan draws on nuanced thinking and precision artisanship to create the perfection of simplicity and beauty. Whether in software or hardware, it allows insightful design to speak for itself.

  But the T1 was a little too expensive for that age of ‘mid-range flagships’. Smartisan seems to have realized it, now coming out with latest design and modest specifications, company launched Smartisan U1 ahead of T2 debut, which costs $180.99.

  A nearly perfect symmetrical body design, bright colors and clean design, The U1 is also quite attractive. And rear cover used polycarbonate material which is not like other feelings of hard plastic. The U1 has seven different rear cover options to choose from, the software on the phone will also allow you to colour coordinate the phone’s rear and its theme. This interesting design may appeal to the younger demographic. Its a surface covered in third-generation Corning Gorilla Glass, comes with a 5.5-inch full HD display, a Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor, real high performance low power smart task handling. 2GB RAM, dual SIM slots, with 2900mAh battery, 5.0MP front camera, 13.0MP back camera with flashlight and auto focus. A thoughtful design supporting both left- and right-handed, U1 comes with up/down buttons on both sides of the phone. 

  The U1 also configured with Smartisan OS, which based on Android system. while its unique mode of operation gives it unprecedented efficiency. With a two-finger pinch or press on the Menu key you can switch to a multi-screen view, as well as move apps en masse or easily hide and password-protect them under the edit mode. Smartisan OS's launcher also supports a variety of elegant themes.

  Let’s see some funny design, Smartisan OS's built-in music player is designed in honor of classic vinyl, with moving turntable and record needle, just like on a real record player. You can search by artist, album, track, and directory, and it supports album cover displays. You can move the record by hand, it shows DJ-ing.

  Smartisan OS also meet some people who has OCD, you can hide the name of App, quickly sweep the angle of App. It’s really interesting, right? And some other fuction, like redraw the ICONS, timing mute, and scroll to screenshot a whole picture.
  More surprise functions is waiting to find!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

OUKITEL K4000, Knock Nail Into Wood!

  OUKITEL K4000 had a screen test that it won’t break if hit by an iron hammer, but will the screen break if it is used as a hammer to knock other things? We took the second ultimate challenge of K4000: Knock nail into wood.
  OUKITEL K4000 features extremely tough enough screen, but after cutting a big piece of glass into screen-sized glass pieces, there is still more than 3 times precise and accurate chemical strengthened process, ensuring the screen reaches high density and toughness for anti-smash and anti-drop. 

  Glass against nails, will it break? Check the video below to see the result of K4000 knock nails into wood:
  The performer tried his best strength to knock the nails into the wood and all the 10 nails were penetrated through the wood while the K4000 is still working, no breaking at all! 

  Never worry about battery and the screen!

  Have more idea about K4000 @Pandawill.com!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

OUKITEL K4000, Perfect Screen For Anti-Crash And Big Battery.

     Have you ever get into this trouble, the phone screen is broken, and you need to pay for a new screen. Not only cost money, but also waste time.

     Now OUKITEL surprised us with K4000 smartphone with perfect screen for anti-crash and big battery.

     The K4000 used Super Tempered Glass Screen, by 3 layers of toughed tempered glass, featured remarkably of anti-shock, never be afraid of sharp point again, never be fragile again. It can crack more than 600 walnuts before the screen breaks. You don’t need to worry about your smartphone if you drop it accidentally or the phone is run over by a car.

      OUKITEL K4000, as the name suggests, it will feature a big 4000mAh battery, which will make the phone last for 7 days in normal use and 3 days for heavy use. You don’t have to take a power bank with you every day, you don’t have to look for your charger when your phone is only with 15% power, feel ease to use your K4000.

      2iPhones(iPhone 6&iPhone 6plus). We tested in the most power consumption way-playing videos at the loudest sound continuously.

       From the video we can find  that iPhone 6 can play videos continuously for 3hours and 6 minutes, iPhone 6plus can last 4hours and 49minutes at the most power consumption way. OUKITEL K4000 lasted for 9hours and 7minutes.
        The K4000 also do well on performance, Narrow bezel together with 2.5D curved display makes the whole body beautiful and graceful. A gorgeous 5.0inch display for convenient one-hand operation, 1280 x 720 pixels resolution, IPS technology makes the screen effect real, vivid with wide viewing angle.
      The device also includes a MTK6735P Cortex A53 quad core processor, high performance, and 2 GB of RAM, built -in 16GB Flash Memory, it supports external TF card max 32GB and large files can be saved. Runs Android 5.1 system.

    OUKITEL K4000  Pre-sale for $119.99 

Friday, September 11, 2015

LEAGOO Elite 4, Internally And Externally Better!


Elegant BodyFrame through 25 procedures, more than 5000 times grinding and selection, usd diamond cutting carving process technology to built two slender delicate silver line that make the body more charming. With a new spray process and paint, to create a more delicate  Elite 4.

4G Network

Topspeed 4G network, only for your efficient life, say goodbye to 'loading'.

More than Fast
High speed 64bit quad core, easily power a larger display and let you enjoy video at a higher frame rate; 
Together with 1GB RAM +16GB ROM large memory, easily to handle multi-tasks.

High Brightness Screen
5.0 inch LG large display features 2.5mm ultra-narrow frame, 960 x 540px, clear and vivid. Great vision overturn your senses.

Price for $99.99 on Pandawill.com

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

DOOGEE X5 Pro Smartphone, It Worth Every Penny!


4G Topspeed Support 4G network. compatible with 3G/2G, allows fast Internet connect.

64bit Quad Core
64bit MTK6735, quad core, faster and more stable.

2GB RAM +16GB ROM2GB+16GB with mass storage ,you can download a lot of fun app then to play the big game,play HD video,save the good life little by little.

High Brightness Screen

5.0 inch 1280 x 720px HD screen, brings sharp and real frames. IPS technology makes the screen more sensitive, faster respond and lower power consumption.

Android 5.1
The newest android 5.1 brings a far more purified and fast UI experience than ever before.

Pre-sale on Pandawill

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

UMI VOIX BLU Headset, It's Time to Get High on Music!


Beautiful appearance with breathing navigation keys design
Made with baby-skin spray process, nice to touch
Flexible and adjustive ear cup to fit everyone, and give your ears the comfort they deserve
Wide frequency response, wide sound stage, steady bass, delicate treble, clear sound and great bass performance at the same time
Built-in CSR chip for wide compatibility with virtually any Bluetooth devices
Inside NFC chip allows your device to pair the VOIX BLU at a simple touch, enjoy music in an easy way
Intelligent microphone allows you to make and answer calls. CVC 6.0 technology is used to reduce the ambient noise down to a clear and crisp level
Bluetooth 4.1 promises extremely low power consumption, together with long battery life , let the music play for long time
Use the same component suppliers as Sony, Jabra, etc to ensure top-level quality

50%off with coupon:VOIX5
Sept.8th-10th EDT on Pandawill.com

Monday, September 7, 2015

ECOO E05, Solid Metal Rim and Soft Feel of Back Cover!

Ecoo show off their latest device, E05 with elegant style, price for $189.99
Come to the specification about the E05


3GB Ram:Run more apps and have smoother game experience.
16GB Rom: Vast storage allows you to record much more moments in your life.

4G Topspeed processor,the download speed high to 150Mbps,antenna special technology bring you the better 4G signal and perfect 4G new experience.

64bit MTK6753 Octa Core
64bit MTK6753 Octa Core Processor ,with big memory,strong power,bring you the more fluent experience;The top speed of phone ,no matter you play games or watch movies ,it will be fluent.

Android 5.1
Android 5.1, fast and better compatibility, provides excellent and stable performance.

5" FHD Resolution 
More saturated bright colors, so images,web pages,screen and display applications have reached incredible high clarity ,not only watch the preferred operation would even be more comfortable.

Fingerprint Identification
Everyone’s fingerprint is unique and is ideal for being used as the key to unlocking your phone, just use it over the fingerprint identification button and see your phone unlock only for your finger.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

UMI eMAX Smartphone, First 20 Orders Get VOIX Free or Buy It with Only $0.99!

       UMi have a new surprise up their sleeve! But some wonderful device always eye-catching. One named the UMi UMI eMAX retailing at only $157.99

       Talking more about specification about this phone: It has beautiful crafted, the one piece art of frame battery cover is made by Polycarbonate with 200 times processing brushed stainless steal. not only easy on the eyes, but also better on the hand. The UMI eMAX is not just a smartphone where you can make calls, enjoy all the fun that apps brings you. Yet, it’s your friend’s power bank that allows you to recharge your friend’s iPhone6, 2 times! It;s really amazing, right?

      A 5.5inch FHD LTPS low-temperature polysilicon process made display, gives 1920×1080 resolution up to 440PPI. Also equipped latest MTK6752, 64bit octa core, up to 1.7GHz Octa processor. With a 13MP blue wave plate made camera, you can capture high-quality photos and immersive video with sound that’s more true-to-life than ever before. Use camera app to take full creative control of your photos, then unleash your creations upon the world through Instagram, Facebook and your favorite social networks.
Only 7.9mm Ultra slim body provide 3780mAh battery, standby for 2-3 days.

     Why not come to Pandawill get more idea about this elegant and wonderful phone!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

OUKITEL U7,Flash-sale!

        The OUKITEL U7 is coated with a whole piece of plastic but metal-like cover, super thin body forms an elegant yet handy phone. It’s features 5.5QHD screen, offering you large usable but clear screen, whole perspective IPS screen,response faster ,real color,smooth and stability.It’s more comfortable to watch video and play games. U7 also offers fast access to your applications, for example: you can draw a letter “C” in dark screen to make a phone call, draw downward to take a photo, It’s more convenient to use.

        The OUKITEL U7 carries MT6582 quad-core 1.3GHz chipset, offering quick response for your order, 0.3s to open a website, no presure to run multitasks. And runs stable and fluent Android OS-Andorid 4.4 KitKat. 
U7 features 8.0MP(interpolated)rear camera and 2.0MP front camera with ISO sensor, you can take a photo in 0.1 second, perfect for snapchat.

       Now U7 comes with surprise price on each Wednesday, at 16:00 GMT, but limited stock.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy Hour : Not Only Cheaper, But Also Excellent!

Happy Hour is an activity that offers daily discount and quantity-limited products for our bargain hunters. Come to the rules:
1. Once enter this functional areas, Customers can see 14 products differ from everyday on Happy Hour page, which all on hot sale!
2.There is a cycle for everyday products: when the first round products expires with lowest price and limited quantity, the second round will come with the same products at a relatively less discount.
3.The starting time for Happy Hour can be seen above each product. Do mark it on your calendar and don’t miss it.
4. Or just tell us about your wishes for the next Happy Hour and we will try our best to grant your wishes!!! 
5. Please check it is the happy hour price or not when you pay for it. If not, that means you missed it and you could ask for the full refund.

Everyone enjoys happy hour with good device!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Buy Smart Gadgets, Enjoy New Lifestyle!

The real smart lifestyle is not only the computer, security equipment, electric products, but the change for lifestyle, the science comes into the life of people, change their habits and preferences. That is a wiser humanized experience .

Pandawill makes some perfect choice for global consumers who is pursue high quality life, bring easy and simple, more efficient, safer and more connected life with you!
Let's have a look:

XiaoMi Mi smart scale give BMI, which provides more evidential and accurate data than just simply considering the weight.

ADO Mate3 multimedia Bluetooth speaker provide long time with music.

Original Xiaomi Mi Band Record your movement data throughout the day.

And some other smart devices also give you more wisdom of life, check in Pandawill!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

INNOS D6000, 6000mAh Dual Battery Smartphone!

       Did you ever heard about INNOS, a Chinese phone maker, not very well-known internationally, insist on making large battery phones. Do the most practical phone!
Their latest phone D6000 with a massive 6000mAh battery, which called the world's largest capacity battery smartphone. Are you interested in? Read on.

      INNOS have used one built-in 2480mAh battery and one removable 3520mAh battery for ultra-long standby time. Even so large the battery is, the phone measures in at only 144 x 72.2 x 11.9mm. You will never worry about the power any more. And use type-C USB Port, gives easy and convenient.

      In the past we have seen large battery phones well done on the power side of the spec sheet only to fall flat on the performance aspect, but the D6000 is not that one. The INNOS D6000 powered by a Snapdragon 615 processor, a chipset consisting of MSM8939 Octa Core 64bit for wonderful gaming experience. With 3GB RAM, 32GB memory, also external 128GB TF card supported. 

      Then talk about the wonderful camera, D6000 equipped with a 5.2-inch 1080p Gorilla Glass display, a 5Mp OV5648 BSI-2 front-facing camera to take the best selfies, 16.0MP BSI-2 OV16825 rear camera with dual LED flashlights. The phone also supports FDD-LTE, TD-LTE, GSM, and 20 frequency modes for “World Coverage”.

      The INNOS’s components all comes from the leading worldwide provider, It is committed to be the best smartphone.

      Because of “good”, depends on the definition of “appropriate”. The INNOS always think this is the best answer for phone design! 

      If you are looking for one phone which more durable, then think more about INNOS D6000. It must be your answer!
INNOS in stock now with $249.99

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

OUKITEL U6, Not Just a Reader!

Dual-screen smartphone seems becoming a trend. Newest is the Oukitel U6 show that Oukitel plans to set foot in dual-screen phone.  According to the information sent us, Oukitel U6 offers double screen, a 5-inch front panel and a smaller 4.7-inch e-ink display on the back, gives your double sides life companion.

Let’s have simple ideal about OUKITEL, a passionate brand targeting at a wider global market and dedicated to deliver finely designed yet wallet-friendly smart devices to consumers across continents. 

OUKITEL, as the name suggests that U & I for OK Life, it supplies people smart devices that are dedicated to work for OK life for you & I. It is the source of joy and love. “Everyone can affordable” is the pursuit of OUKITEL to go into the international market. Which have production experience of over 10 years with a high reputation and cognition degree in the industry. Have a stylish design and manufacturing capabilities. Committed to provide both good design&user experience for global consumers.

Then, let’s talk about the highlight of U6---E-link display, given paper reading experience, or just called portable library. So you might come to Amazon kindle, which can bring more convenient in reading, reduced some damages to the eyes by reading directly through the mobile phone, much funny for traditional readers. Yet not very easy to carry the kindle and smartphone in needed. As person always hoped that one device equipped with a variety of function, Oukitel U6 did. 

Using the Oukitel U6, you can get the enjoyable reading time with an E-ink display, downloading millions of books from global top 10 online libraries and can buy books which you are interested from online shops. And you can mirror some apps to the e-ink display, such as music, E-Note, calendar, or agenda for a detailed look at your day’s events. You also can set any photo to be the back cover of your U6, or even your signature. Thanks to the E-ink display, it has no light at all, it will not reflect light under the sun, you can read the words clearly under the sun. Enjoy reading novels, casted photos freely under the sun. It saves much power for your phone functions. 

Surprised that the U6 is powered by MTK6735M chipset, which has a quad-core CPU, 64bit for faster and more stable processing, and runs Android 5.1 enable to run games and apps smoothly without worrying the smartphone would be overwhelmed. With 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM mass storage, you can have a number of interesting and fun APPS, play lots of wonderful games, video play, enjoy every entertainment.
moment during the life. Come to the wonderful camera, 13.0MP camera let you meet a more beautiful world. Auto focus promises easy and convenient operation. Just a simple touch, all wonderful and happy momenta can be saved . Also comes with 5.0MP front camera for self-capturing. Did you hate charging the phone frequently? Save power with OUKITEL U6, built-in 2100mAh battery, offers 120h reading time and 120-180h standby time.

The U6, almost looks like iphone6. reasonable curve design, focused on detail and realism and as much use of "the best" as possible. Now U6 is Pre-sale for $239.99 on Pandawill.com, it must be surprising price to get this amazing double-screen phone!