Monday, August 3, 2015

The Oukitel U6, dual-screen smartphone

Dual-screen smartphone seems becoming a trend. It seems like Oukitel plans to set foot in dual-screen phone. Newest is the Oukitel U6. According to the information sent us, Oukitel U6 will have a 5-inch front panel and a smaller 4.7-inch e-ink display on the back. It could be announced next month.

Let’s have simple ideal about OUKITEL, a passionate brand targeting at a wider global market and dedicated to deliver finely designed yet wallet-friendly smart devices to consumers across continents. OUKITEL, as the name suggests that U & I for OK Life, it supplies people smart devices that are dedicated to work for OK life for you & I. It is the source of joy and love. “Everyone can affordable” is the pursuit of OUKITEL to go into the international market. Which have production experience of over 10 years with a high reputation and cognition degree in the industry. Have a stylish design and manufacturing capabilities. Committed to provide both good design&user experience for global consumers.
Then, let’s talk about the highlight of U6---E-link display, given paper reading experience, or just called portable library. So you might come to Amazon kindle, which can bring more convenient in reading, reduced some damages to the eyes by reading directly through the mobile phone, much funny for traditional readers. Yet not very easy to carry the kindle and smartphone in needed. As person always hoped that one device equipped with a variety of function, Oukitel U6 focus did.

As report goes, using the Oukitel U6, you can get the enjoyable reading time with an E-ink display, downloading millions of books from global top 10 online libraries and can buy books which you are interested from online shops. And you can mirror some apps to the e-ink display, such as music, E-Note, calendar, or agenda for a detailed look at your day’s events. You may wonder the dual-screen will consume power, just for reading won’t take charge, or set the background to black or white fit the light condition, even sunlight or dark. It saves much power for your phone functions. Surprised that the U6 may feature a MediaTek Helio X20 MTK6797 processor and Android 5.1 software. 

The U6, almost looks like iphone6. reasonable curve design, focused on detail and realism and as much use of "the best" as possible. Although many configuration has not been disclosed, according to Oukitel latest phone, it must be surprise! And the price won’t be over $300 will presale soon!

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