Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy Hour : Not Only Cheaper, But Also Excellent!

Happy Hour is an activity that offers daily discount and quantity-limited products for our bargain hunters. Come to the rules:
1. Once enter this functional areas, Customers can see 14 products differ from everyday on Happy Hour page, which all on hot sale!
2.There is a cycle for everyday products: when the first round products expires with lowest price and limited quantity, the second round will come with the same products at a relatively less discount.
3.The starting time for Happy Hour can be seen above each product. Do mark it on your calendar and don’t miss it.
4. Or just tell us about your wishes for the next Happy Hour and we will try our best to grant your wishes!!! 
5. Please check it is the happy hour price or not when you pay for it. If not, that means you missed it and you could ask for the full refund.

Everyone enjoys happy hour with good device!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Buy Smart Gadgets, Enjoy New Lifestyle!

The real smart lifestyle is not only the computer, security equipment, electric products, but the change for lifestyle, the science comes into the life of people, change their habits and preferences. That is a wiser humanized experience .

Pandawill makes some perfect choice for global consumers who is pursue high quality life, bring easy and simple, more efficient, safer and more connected life with you!
Let's have a look:

XiaoMi Mi smart scale give BMI, which provides more evidential and accurate data than just simply considering the weight.

ADO Mate3 multimedia Bluetooth speaker provide long time with music.

Original Xiaomi Mi Band Record your movement data throughout the day.

And some other smart devices also give you more wisdom of life, check in Pandawill!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

INNOS D6000, 6000mAh Dual Battery Smartphone!

       Did you ever heard about INNOS, a Chinese phone maker, not very well-known internationally, insist on making large battery phones. Do the most practical phone!
Their latest phone D6000 with a massive 6000mAh battery, which called the world's largest capacity battery smartphone. Are you interested in? Read on.

      INNOS have used one built-in 2480mAh battery and one removable 3520mAh battery for ultra-long standby time. Even so large the battery is, the phone measures in at only 144 x 72.2 x 11.9mm. You will never worry about the power any more. And use type-C USB Port, gives easy and convenient.

      In the past we have seen large battery phones well done on the power side of the spec sheet only to fall flat on the performance aspect, but the D6000 is not that one. The INNOS D6000 powered by a Snapdragon 615 processor, a chipset consisting of MSM8939 Octa Core 64bit for wonderful gaming experience. With 3GB RAM, 32GB memory, also external 128GB TF card supported. 

      Then talk about the wonderful camera, D6000 equipped with a 5.2-inch 1080p Gorilla Glass display, a 5Mp OV5648 BSI-2 front-facing camera to take the best selfies, 16.0MP BSI-2 OV16825 rear camera with dual LED flashlights. The phone also supports FDD-LTE, TD-LTE, GSM, and 20 frequency modes for “World Coverage”.

      The INNOS’s components all comes from the leading worldwide provider, It is committed to be the best smartphone.

      Because of “good”, depends on the definition of “appropriate”. The INNOS always think this is the best answer for phone design! 

      If you are looking for one phone which more durable, then think more about INNOS D6000. It must be your answer!
INNOS in stock now with $249.99

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

OUKITEL U6, Not Just a Reader!

Dual-screen smartphone seems becoming a trend. Newest is the Oukitel U6 show that Oukitel plans to set foot in dual-screen phone.  According to the information sent us, Oukitel U6 offers double screen, a 5-inch front panel and a smaller 4.7-inch e-ink display on the back, gives your double sides life companion.

Let’s have simple ideal about OUKITEL, a passionate brand targeting at a wider global market and dedicated to deliver finely designed yet wallet-friendly smart devices to consumers across continents. 

OUKITEL, as the name suggests that U & I for OK Life, it supplies people smart devices that are dedicated to work for OK life for you & I. It is the source of joy and love. “Everyone can affordable” is the pursuit of OUKITEL to go into the international market. Which have production experience of over 10 years with a high reputation and cognition degree in the industry. Have a stylish design and manufacturing capabilities. Committed to provide both good design&user experience for global consumers.

Then, let’s talk about the highlight of U6---E-link display, given paper reading experience, or just called portable library. So you might come to Amazon kindle, which can bring more convenient in reading, reduced some damages to the eyes by reading directly through the mobile phone, much funny for traditional readers. Yet not very easy to carry the kindle and smartphone in needed. As person always hoped that one device equipped with a variety of function, Oukitel U6 did. 

Using the Oukitel U6, you can get the enjoyable reading time with an E-ink display, downloading millions of books from global top 10 online libraries and can buy books which you are interested from online shops. And you can mirror some apps to the e-ink display, such as music, E-Note, calendar, or agenda for a detailed look at your day’s events. You also can set any photo to be the back cover of your U6, or even your signature. Thanks to the E-ink display, it has no light at all, it will not reflect light under the sun, you can read the words clearly under the sun. Enjoy reading novels, casted photos freely under the sun. It saves much power for your phone functions. 

Surprised that the U6 is powered by MTK6735M chipset, which has a quad-core CPU, 64bit for faster and more stable processing, and runs Android 5.1 enable to run games and apps smoothly without worrying the smartphone would be overwhelmed. With 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM mass storage, you can have a number of interesting and fun APPS, play lots of wonderful games, video play, enjoy every entertainment.
moment during the life. Come to the wonderful camera, 13.0MP camera let you meet a more beautiful world. Auto focus promises easy and convenient operation. Just a simple touch, all wonderful and happy momenta can be saved . Also comes with 5.0MP front camera for self-capturing. Did you hate charging the phone frequently? Save power with OUKITEL U6, built-in 2100mAh battery, offers 120h reading time and 120-180h standby time.

The U6, almost looks like iphone6. reasonable curve design, focused on detail and realism and as much use of "the best" as possible. Now U6 is Pre-sale for $239.99 on, it must be surprising price to get this amazing double-screen phone! 

iNew L3, Live Once, Live Life!

iNEW company focus on quality and technological innovation of its products. They believe the pursuit of innovation and miracle is the core culture of company.

Now,come to the features of L3:

64bit CPU
MTK6735 quad core, 64bit, new CPU with more stable performance.

Large and Bright Screen 
5.0 inch IPS screen, 1280 x 720px high brightness screen, IPS technology makes the screen more sensitive, faster respond and lower power consumption

2GB+16GB with mass storage, you can download a lot of fun app then to play the big game,play HD video,save the good life little by little .

Dual Cameras with New Experience
5.0MP front camera, quite great for selfie or video chatting; 13.0MP back camera, making shooting or recording the best and full of fun.

Android 5.0 OS
Latest Android 5.0 OS for improved operation, performance and compatibility. 

iNEW L3 is pre-sale on pandawill
Special Price : $149.99 

Touch Smart Screen Protector, Make Some Magic on Your iPhone6/iPhone6 plus

Have you ever use the smartphone runs Android system, and change to iPhone now? Those who get used to Android phone, whether to have some of worry?
When using iphone6/iphone6 plus, you have probably felt our frustration: cannot reach back button on upper left corner, unable to control with one hand, drop the phone and break heart. Don't worry, Here magic smart screen was invented, with this magic touch sSmart Tempered glass screen protector with back menu bButton for iPhone 6, all the situations above may not happen. It supports anti bubble, eye protector and anti explosion, it can let your iPhone 6 get 'Back' and 'Menu' button in an easy way. 
Really smart, right?

Beside smart, Magic Touch Smart screen protector is also an excellent glass screen protector just like the good ones you can get from Amazon or other stores.
Watching this video give more ideals about this device:
Magic Touch Smart Screen is price for $7.99 on

Monday, August 17, 2015

KINGZONE N5, Color Your Life!

KINGZONE N5 is a quite bright device, as “Color your life”. N5 used Aerospace Aluminum metal arc frame, Visual Thickness 6.3mm. In white, green, red, and other bright color. And babyskin engineering plastics given milk-smooth. Equipped with popular Corning Gorilla 2.5D arc screen, IPS technology makes the screen more sensitive, faster respond and lower power consumption. 
Come to features of N5: The device is powered by a 64-bit MTK6735P octa-core processor clocked at 1.0 Ghz, new CPU with more stable performanceand 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB on-board memory. With maximum download speeds of 150Mbp, 4G LTE ensures smooth Internet surfing. You can watch HD videos, play games, and download files without WiFi. a 13 mega-pixel rear camera and a 5 mega-pixel front facing camera. With that, there’s a 2600mAh removable battery. N5 also runs Android 5.1, fast and better compatibility, provides excellent and stable performance.
Now the N5 with price for $129.99!

Friday, August 14, 2015

ZOPO Speed 7 vs OnePlus 2, How much do you get while saving more than $100?

What does the ZOPO Speed 7 and the OnePlus 2 have in common? For starters, both devices are flagship products for their respective companies, and have their headquarters in the tech-centric city of Shenzhen, China. Both also pride themselves for their extremely competitive market approach, bringing the best specs for the best price. 

Here at ZOPO we believe to have reached a quasi perfect balance between price and power, hitting that holy sweet spot where a premium device presents itself at low price. In other words, the dream!

Side by side 

Let us begin with a clear spec rundown between the ZOPO Speed 7 and the OnePlus 2 16GB version: 

Ease of use 

We will leave design appreciations out of the equation. Beauty is subjective, and in this case we have two elegant, yet imposing, devices. None will go unnoticed when casually resting on top of a table outside while you're enjoying your coffee. However, at only 150gm and 8.65mm, the Speed 7 is lighter and thinner, and will definitely prove itself to be more comfortable to carry in your pocket or purse. 

Under the hood 

With 3GB of RAM and the 64-bit Octa-core CPU, the Speed 7 will easily run virtually any application or game available on the market today. Speaking of which, you will need all the storage space you can get to keep all your music, movies, apps, games and personal files you own. The basic 16GB available are not enough? No problem. Just pop that microSD card you almost forgot you had laying around your desk, and you're all set for up to an extra 64GB of free space. That’s something you won't be able to do with the OnePlus 2, since the machine does not have a microSD slot. At ZOPO, we're all about giving options and freedom to our users...but we will come back to that later. 

  ▲Speed 7 plus screenshots 

What you really really want 

So, we have storage and processing power covered. What else do people use their smartphones for? Oh right, food pics and selfies! 
The ZOPO Speed 7 has your back in that regard as well, with a crystal clear 13.2MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera that will really make your eyes sparkle. To be fair, you can take some very decent photos with the OnePlus 2 as well, but thanks to the extra storage capacity on the Speed 7, you'll be able to take many decent photos, not just “some”... 

What good would pictures be without something to display them. The ZOPO Speed 7 has a big 5 inch Full HD 1080p display (5.5” for the Speed 7 Plus model) that gives you the best colors at the best resolution. For the size of the device, it's perfect. 

The battery is a powerful 2500mAh (or 3000mAh for the Speed 7 Plus model, which we highly recommend), and will certainly get you through a full day of use. 

Price, Total Freedom, Open Source Code 

Now we really get to some of the main differentiators and major selling points of the ZOPO Speed 7. All tech enthusiasts, programmers and anyone that appreciates total freedom of use with their devices will be pleased to know that we'll be making the Speed 7 and Speed 7 Plus source code available for free to the community. What this means is that you will be able to totally customize the base programming of the phone, or if you're not particularly skilled at that, you can just wait for others to do it for you and then choose the best mods released and use them yourself. It's all about options, freedom, and being able to have a truly unique piece of tech in your hands that fundamentally reflects who you are. 

Finally, the price. At ZOPO, we believe that quality can be available for everyone, at the best price possible. Being expensive does not necessarily means the quality is there, and being less expensive definitely does not have to mean the opposite. The ZOPO Speed 7 is priced at $199.99, and there's still the chance you might get a $40 discount on top of that. Sure, the OnePlus 2 has a very competitive price tag for its specs, but we at ZOPO go even further with the Speed 7, and offer a genuine premium device at an unbeatable price. Best bang for your buck, as they say. 

Bottom line is, with the ZOPO Speed 7 you get premium specs, in a top-of-the-line device, coding freedom for the source code, and an unbelievable great price! 
Come to, ZOPO Speed 7 with special coupon for you!


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Elephone Trunk Smartphone, Pre-sale for $119.99!


Elephone company has a bit of a hit and miss reputationbut if one phone from the phone maker this year has continued to surprise. Then it is the Elephone Trunk.


Come to the features of Trunk:

Comfortable Arc Design Back Cover
Specially and ergonomically designed, added on skin-friendly painting material, the arc cover brings you soft feeling to perfectly fit in the palm of your hand.
High-speed 4G network
With maximum download speeds of 150Mbp, 4G LTE ensures smooth Internet surfing. You can watch HD videos, play games, and download files without WiFi. 
Trunk has dual SIM card slots for dual standby, enabling you handle work and life easily.

Advanced Qualcomm 64-bit 
With a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC built-in, the processing speed of 64-bit Cortex A53 is twice as fast as 32-bit Cortex A7 processor. So
no matter you are playing 3D games or watching HD movies, together with 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM, it runs smoothly and quickly.

HD Screen with 178° Viewing Angle
5 inch 1280 x 720px screen provides you wider visual field while one-hand operates. IPS technology gives you an unforgettable experience when you surfing on the internet, chatting and watching movies, etc. 178° viewing angle and 16 million colors contribute to accurate color rendition and high image quality.

OmniVision 13MP camera
Omnivision 8mp Camera with 13mp boost. It supports 1080p video recording. A variety of shooting modes like sunset, landscape and portrait are supported. Various filters in black and white, cameo, neon, etc are available. Interesting high-techs make picture-taking more entertaining. 

Want know more about Elephone Trunk, Pandawill gives more ideal about it!