Thursday, September 17, 2015

OUKITEL K4000, Knock Nail Into Wood!

  OUKITEL K4000 had a screen test that it won’t break if hit by an iron hammer, but will the screen break if it is used as a hammer to knock other things? We took the second ultimate challenge of K4000: Knock nail into wood.
  OUKITEL K4000 features extremely tough enough screen, but after cutting a big piece of glass into screen-sized glass pieces, there is still more than 3 times precise and accurate chemical strengthened process, ensuring the screen reaches high density and toughness for anti-smash and anti-drop. 

  Glass against nails, will it break? Check the video below to see the result of K4000 knock nails into wood:
  The performer tried his best strength to knock the nails into the wood and all the 10 nails were penetrated through the wood while the K4000 is still working, no breaking at all! 

  Never worry about battery and the screen!

  Have more idea about K4000!

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