Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Speed 7 Plus Source Code Released

Shenzhen, China - October 17th – Continuing a trend started with other devices before, ZOPO just released the source code for its flagship Speed series devices – the Speed 7, Speed 7 Plus and Speed 7 GP.
The source code has been released and is totally open to use and develop by anyone in the community. What this means is that all programmers and tech enthusiasts will be able to fully customize the ROM of the device, changing it, tinkering with it, modding...anyway, skills and imagination set the limits.
The reason why ZOPO presents its user base with this option, is simply because we want to enable the full potential of our devices and give the possibility to truly improve the user experience with ZOPO.
To learn more about how to tap into the potential of your device using the source code, please follow the link to ZOPO's official forum thread. And to learn on how to flash you phone, follow this guide.

(Download link: Speed 7 Plus Source Code Released)

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