Thursday, December 12, 2013

Price of 3399 yuan Lenovo K910 VIBE Z Jingdong open spot buying

The concerned Lenovo annual flagship model - Lenovo K910 VIBE Z finally started selling! Following the appointment starts on December 6 , Lenovo VIBE Z will be at 11:00 on December 10 , Jingdong Mall officially opened at the spot to buy, buy price of 3399 yuan .

    Meanwhile, Jingdong contract for the purchase by the user wants to provide China Unicom contract package , can get up to 5800 yuan telephone expenses returned. If a user purchase price of 3399 yuan Lenovo VIBE Z and go Unicom 3G numbers , you can get the bill to provide a monthly subsidy Unicom .

3399 yuan Lenovo VIBE Z Jingdong Mall open spot buying
Lenovo VIBE Z Jingdong snapped open spot ( images from Jingdong )

    Lenovo VIBE Z continues the overall design of the Lenovo VIBE X , the overall style is more tough , angular. Its large screen 1080p is equipped with a 5.5 inches , the hardware is equipped with a quad-core Snapdragon 8974 processor , Adreno 330 GPU, dominant frequency is up to 2.2GHz, while equipped with 2GB RAM +16 GB ROM. In addition it also has a 13 million pixel main camera , front camera also reached 500 million pixels , the camera is equipped with Lenovo Super 3.5 .

    Powerful hardware performance with decent software features , Lenovo VIBE Z models will undoubtedly become one of the Andrews camp very competitive . This phone friend might be interested to keep in front of the computer time buying it !

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